My Pure·Love for Miichan

Earlier this year, I fell into the AKB fandom. I had actually had known about AKB48 since last year and had listened to their music, but it wasn’t until just a few months ago that I began a “fan” so to speak. I started to find out more about the individual members and the member who has been my oshimen since pretty much day 1 has been Minegishi Minami (Miichan).

I was just drawn in by Miichan’s energy, playfulness, humor, kindness, friendliness, everything. The more I found out before, the more I came to love her. And I love her smile…

That was a smile that would make anyone who saw it fall in love.

I can’t really explain in words how I feel about Miichan exactly right now. I’ll probably find the words in later posts. But suffice it to say, I can’t help but love Miichan.

Some videos:

Miichan, the accomplice.

Miichan, the romantic.

Miichan, the performer.


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