My Pure·Love for Hirano Aya

A short post. I love Hirano Aya (Aya-chan). Love her. One of the first seiyuu I came to know about and still my favorite. She’s voiced many of my favorite anime characters such Haruhi (Suzumiya Haruhi), Konata (Lucky Star), and Kurumi (Kimi ni Todoke).

I know she’s polarizing to fans, but I love her. I know about all the rumors about her and frankly, I don’t care about them. Whatever she does in her personal life is her business. And I’ll support Aya-chan in pretty much whatever she wants to do in her life.

Recently, Aya-chan has left her agency, Space Craft Entertainment. And she has announced she is moving to her new agency, Grink. She has a new official website (which may be down right now). She continues to write entries on her blog. And she’s asked users on her Twitter account to suggest the name for her new fan club.

Many people felt the recent scandal would be the end of her. I don’t know what the future has in store for Aya-chan. As a fan though, I have to say I’m always optimistic when it comes to Aya-chan. And once again, I love her.

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