My Pure·Viewing of Sugoro-Q Japan With Miichan and Yui

AKB48 members Minegishi Minami (Miichan) and Yokoyama Yui (Yui) were on today’s Sugoro-Q Japan.

First, a description of Sugoro-Q Japan from NHK World Premium: A new type of quiz variety program which combines the elements of quiz, journey and “Sugoroku,” a traditional Japanese board game, using the latest internet connection.

Basically, Miichan and Yui were separated into two different board game teams and went through through Kyoto answering quiz questions. And of course, I enjoyed watching it.

Just some random thoughts about the episode.

  • Kyoto looks absolutely beautiful. I would love to visit Kyoto some time.
  • Miichan after tasting some fu manju: #$★@¥▲♪!
  • A lot of delicious looking food during the episode.
  • After rolling four 6’s in a row and needing to roll anything but a 1 to tie Yui’s team, what’s does Miichan’s team roll? Of course, 1.
  • Yui’s team definitely deserved to win. IIRC, they answered every question correctly. Good for Yui, who is from Kyoto.
  • Miichan’s “cry” after her team loses: so cute.

A fun program to watch. If there are any future episodes, I’ll definitely be sure to watch.


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