My Pure·Maid Fascination – Mayo Chiki! 09

I love anime. And I’ve always been really fascinated in the entire maid culture. And I generally like maid anime episodes.

Which makes it weird that I found the 9th episode of Mayo Chiki! a bit disappointing.

First, the whole “I don’t want to be just friends” conflict between Jirou and Subaru was squashed all too quickly and in a completely unsatisfying fashion. I understand that this episode was supposed to be about Usami. (The whole ringtone for Jirou thing at the end was the best part of the episode for me.) But the whole “best friend” solution just felt like a huge cop-out. I’m sure at the end of the series (not sure how many episodes there will be) there will be a fitting and proper conclusion between Jirou and Subaru.

Also, the episode was too much about Usami being annoyed by Suzutsuki and not enough memorable maid service.

Still, this is my favorite show of the summer season. Then again, I’m only watching Mayo Chiki! and Yuru Yuri. Might want to add more series eventually.

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