My Pure·Sadness – Nanchan and Minarun

Mori Anna (Nanchan)

Oba Mina (Minarun)

Woke up today to hear about the sad news about Mori Anna (Nanchan) and Oba Mina (Minarun).  Nanchan is retiring from AKB48. Minarun has been suspended from the group, forfeited her captaincy of Team 4, and will not participate in the 24th Single Janken Tournament on September 20.

Really sad to hear about this. I’ve read all about the rumors on Nanchan’s and Minarun’s old blogs and the entire potential scandal it has caused, and it sucks that the entire situation has come to this. I hope for the best for Minarun and Nanchan in the future and hopefully maybe Nanchan can return to the group at a later time.

I wonder where this leaves Team 4 at the moment. If Aki-P decides to name another captain for Team 4, I expect Shimada Haruka (Haruu) to take over. Personally, I would prefer if the Team 4 captaincy remain vacate for awhile as this entire situation passes.


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