My Pure·Look Back – Lucky Girl Ranking 2011

One of the episodes of AKBINGO! that I’ve seen quite a few times is the February 2nd episode from this year. The hour long Lucky Girl Ranking 2011 episode. The premise of the episode is that the girls of AKB48 have their palms read and based on the readings, the girls are ranked on how lucky they will be for 2011.

The Lucky Girl Ranking for 2011 went as follows:

  1. Miyazawa Sae
  2. Yokoyama Yui
  3. Shinoda Mariko
  4. Oshima Yuko
  5. Itano Tomomi
  6. Nakagawa Haruka
  7. Maeda Ami
  8. Matsui Sakiko
  9. Katayama Haruka
  10. Kitahara Rie
  11. Sato Amina
  12. Sashihara Rino
  13. Komori Mika
  14. Nito Moeno
  15. Watanabe Mayu
  16. Ota Aika
  17. Miyazaki Miho
  18. Sato Sumire
  19. Oya Shizuka
  20. Kasai Tomomi
  21. Akimoto Sayaka
  22. Takahashi Minami
  23. Kojima Haruna

I don’t really know anything about palmistry outside of what was on the show, but some of the results seem a bit off. For example, Sashihara Rino’s (Sasshi) popularity exploded in 2011 with her own TV show, her being in the sub-unit Not yet, and her rise to Media Senbatsu in the latest senbatsu election. Thanks in part to a series of Shukan AKB episodes, Oya Shizuka (Shiichan) made Undergirls for the first time and has been appearing more often on TV shows. And Kojima Haruna (Kojiharu) got a role in the drama Ikemen desu ne, had a#1 album as a member of No Sleeves, and moved up a spot in the senbatsu election. I’m not saying palmistry is bogus, but that the comparison between the Lucky Girl Ranking and the 2011’s the girls have experienced so far is a interesting one to make.

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