My Pure·Viewing of Mada Mada Kore Kara! Episode 15

I kinda miss the good, old days when Fujie Reina (Reinyan) and Chikano Rina (Chikarina) did Mada Mada Kore Kara! together. For the last five episodes of Mada Mada Kore Kara!: recap episode, another recap episode, Chikarina-only episode, Reinyan-only episode, and now once again a Chikarina only episode. I’d love to see an episode with both of them on at the same time. That said, I still love this show. It’s simple. It’s cute. And that works for me.

In this episode, Chikarina goes cicada hunting. Early on, it looked as though Chikarina was doing pretty well as she managed to catch a couple of cicadas. But a few cicadas escaping later and Chikarina resorted to plan B: get little children at the park to catch the cicadas for her. Which leaves Chikarina plenty of time to relax in the park. A few sweet scenes of the children and Chikarina catching a few cicadas together and the children releasing the cicadas back to the wild and freaking out Chikarina a bit and that’s the episode. Simple and cure as I said I loved it.

Inside, everyone is a child at heart. =)

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