My Pure·Love for Shawako

With her birthday (September 14) less than a week away, I figured I’d write a short post on my SKE48 oshi, Hata Sawako (Shawako).

My first exposure to Shawako was on Shukan AKB. On that February 4th pop quiz episode of Shukan AKB, I first saw the shy and smart idol. Answering the questions on the quiz correctly while shying away from the camera. She was someone who I wanted to cheer for. Someone I wanted to root for. Her cuteness and shyness took me almost instantly. It might be clichéd to say, but it really felt like love at first sight.

It seemed like Shawako’s popularity really rose after those two pop quiz episodes of Shukan AKB. She appeared in three feature episodes of Shukan AKB. Episodes dedicated to her. As she appeared on more TV shows, her confidence really seemed to rise and it feels like she’s coming out of her shell a little.

Shawako managed to make Undergirls for AKB48’s 22nd single, Everyday, Kachuusha by finishing 33rd in the senbatsu election. For SKE48 6th single, Pareo wa Emerald, she made chosen for senbatsu for the first time. And it looks as though she will again make senbatsu for SKE48 7th and upcoming single.

Shawako’s not a typical idol and I love her for that.

Lastly, just for fun, from the April 22th episode of Shukan AKB, some of Shawako’s mysteries:

  1. She is afraid of cameras.
  2. She is like a Rubik’s cube in that she can be a mystery to understand.
  3. She wears cute maid-like clothes in private.
  4. She is extremely fond of Takarazuka.
  5. She always brings along photos of Takarazuka with her.
  6. She knows the scripts of the plays Takarauka performs by heart.
  7. She dreams of being a seiyuu.
  8. She can perform a low-pitch voice.
  9. She can mimic the voices of heavy people.
  10. She mixes up Sugiyama and Mimata Matazo from Wagaya.
  11. She commutes from Osaka to Nagoya.
  12. She owns 7 PlayStation Portables.
  13. She doesn’t like things that are bothersome.
  14. She hates cameras because of a lack of confidence.
  15. She gets easily depressed.
  16. She gets easily excited.
  17. She doesn’t look up during recordings sometimes.
  18. She sometimes breaks out into dance suddenly.
  19. She answers other people’s expectations because she is from Osaka.
  20. She is afraid of heights.
  21. She forgets the position of the camera when she is excited.
  22. She forgets her fear of heights when talking about Takarazuka.
  23. She has been praised by Akimoto Yasushi.
  24. She has never been to the places she recommends.
  25. She does cheers in Takarazuka style.
  26. She plays violin.
  27. She plays air violin when she listens to music.

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