My Pure·Premonition – Miichan’s Luck

With the janken tournament for AKB48’s 24th single less than a week away, a lot of the recent AKB TV programming have been shows about luck and destiny. From Naniwa Nadeshiko to AKBINGO!, people are looking to find anything that might help them guess what might happen on September 20th at the Nippon Budokan.

It’s been said that Minegishi Minami (Miichan) believes in superstitions and luck. And being a Miichan oshi, I decided to look back and see just a few instances that discussed Miichan’s luck and destiny.

On the January 27th, 2010 episode of AKBINGO!, Miichan finished 2nd in the 2010 Lucky Girl Ranking. Her palm contained a line known as a Solomon ring, signaling good luck. She also had “head-hunting” lines, which shows that her luck was rising.

In the 2010 Senbatsu Election for the 17th single, Heavy Rotation, Miichan made lower senbatsu for the single, finishing in 14th, a spot up from the previous year. In the 2010 Janken Tournament for the 19th single, Chance no Junban, Miichan lost in the first round to Hirajima Natsumi (Nacchan).

On the November 11th, 2010 Idol Battle episode, a female diviner said that Miichan speaks too much what’s on her mind. According to her, three more months of that and Miichan would reach her mental limits. She also stated that Miichan was very delicate and had a hard time dealing with hardships. Lastly, the diviner said that Miichan was the most unwomanly idol among the idols there.

On the February 2th, 2011 episode of AKBINGO!, the 2011 Lucky Girl Ranking was held. Miichan (who wasn’t at the show) was predicted to be in the bottom 3 (if she was there) along with fellow No Sleeves members Takahashi Minami (Takamina) and Kojima Haruna (Kojiharu)

In the 2011 Senbatsu Election for the 22th single, Flying Get, Miichan once again made lower senbatsu, but dropped 2 spots to 16th.

Finally, on the September 14th, 2011 episode of AKBINGO!, Miichan’s aura color was silver, which gave her all the characteristics of the other 7 colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, dark blue, green, and purple). Basically, she has the aura of a god.

So what does this all mean? Probably nothing at all. But I think it interesting to take a look at what luck, superstition, and destiny Miichan has been through so far. And being a Miichan oshi, nothing would make me happier than for her to have all the luck in the world and win the janken tournament. I can feel it.

Miichan center please!


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