My Pure·Look – TPE48 announced

It looks like there will be another 48 group. On Togisaki’s official blog, the start of the TPE48 project was announced. TPE48 will be based in Taipei and will carry the same “idols you can meet” concept that Aki-P had for AKB48. The plan is to have the group have theater performances by summer 2012. More details will probably come starting next year.

I haven’t been a fan of AKB for so long, but it seems like 48 groups are popping up like crazy. AKB48, SKE48, SDN48, NMB48, HKT48, JKT48, and now TPE48. Although JLT48 and TPE48 won’t be based in Japan, there already seems like an over-saturation of 48 groups. And with Nogizaka46 also forming, I’m wondering if there’s enough idol love to spread around all the groups. I’m pretty sure it won’t affect AKB48’s popularity much (and probably SKE48, SDN48, and NMB48), but I wonder if the new groups are forming so closely to one another will make them dead on arrival.

That said, I’ll wait and see how all these new groups turn out.

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