My Pure·Viewing of Nogizakatte, Doko? Episode 1

The first episode of Nogizaka46’s first television show Nogizakatte, Doko? aired yesterday. Nogizaka46 was the idol group created to be AKB48’s rivals. I’m not sure if they will ever get close to that, but based on one episode, I feel optimistic about the future of Nogizaka46.

The girls featured in this episode:

  • Andou Mikumo (age 18)
  • Ikuta Erika (14)
  • Ikoma Rina (15)
  • Ichiki Rena (15)
  • Iwase Yumiko (21)
  • Saito Asuka (13)
  • Sakurai Reika (17)
  • Wakatsuki Yumi (17)
  • Yamato Rina (16)
  • Miyazawa Seira (17)
  • Hoshino Minami (13)
  • Fukagawa Mai (20)
  • Nakada Kana (17)
  • Takayama Kazumi (17)
  • Shiraishi Mai (19)

Overall, it was a bit of a slow episode with the girls doing their introductions and showing off some of their talents and the hosts doing a little interaction with them. But for some reason, I can see the potential these girls have. I enjoyed the dancing from Ichiki Rena (Renarin).

But the girl who stood out to me the most… Shiraishi Mai (Maiyan)

I know it’s shallow, but she just looks so lovely. So far, my Nogizaka46 oshi.

So I’ll probably be following the show as it progresses. I’m expecting good things from Nogizaka46.

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