My Pure·First Impression – Endless Story PV Preview

A short preview of the PV for Tamura Yukari’s (Yukarin) newest single, Endless Story, can be found on the King Records website. I have to say the PV is so simple, I like it.

The song Endless Story will be the opening theme song for the anime series Cube×Cursed×Curious. In the series, Yukarin voices the silver-haired girl Fear, who is the human form of a black cube. The PV plays with that with simply having Yukarin sitting inside a empty metal cube with nothing much but blackness and darkness around her. On first impression, it ‘s a very simple PV that gives Yukarin the mysterious aura while retaining her obvious cuteness. Nothing complicated but it works for me. It also helps that I really like the song and the vibe it gives off. Can’t wait to see the full PV.

The single, Endless Story, goes on sale on October 12.

A CM for Endless Story

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