My Pure·Thoughts – Oh My God! PV Long Story Version

I wasn’t the biggest fan of the PV for NMB48’s second single, Oh My God!. It wasn’t bad, but the soccer storyline involved in the PV was uninteresting and didn’t make much sense to me. Luckily, there is a long, story version of the PV (around 11 minutes long) that solves that problem.

The PV begins with Yamada Nana (Nana) looking out to the schoolyard to spy on her school crush. He turns around and Nana hides. We see the captain, Yamamoto Sayaka (Sayaka), and we flashback a bit.

We see the girls practicing and having fun together. The girls get some ice cream bars after practice and Nana sees her crush leaving school with another girl. Cue a heartbroken Nana drop her ice cream bar.

During one of the practices, we see Jo Eriko (Jou) fall to the ground, trying to run laps. In the locker room, an argument ensues between all the girls. Jou leaves the room, crying.

Cue the original PV.

The NMB team loses the game 5-1, with the only goal coming from Sayaka’s penalty kick. The girls end up depressed and distraught in the locker room, until Ogasawara Mayu (Maachun) makes a joke and lightens the mood because Maachun is awesome. The team leaves the locker room in brighter spirits and we go back to current time.

We see Nana go to her locker and she finds a soccer ball necklace, supposedly from her crush. And we get a happy ending, the team walking home together happy.

Really enjoyed this PV a lot more than the original PV. Now the soccer storyline made a bit more sense and the sight of Nana as a crushing  school girl was just lovely to see. So cute. The scenes with all the girls just relaxing and having fun with each other was adorable to watch. The PV still had a bit of a cheap quality about it, but with the extra time put into the plot, it turned out alright.

NMB48’s second single, Oh My God!, releases on October 19.

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