My Pure·Interest – NMB48 Official NicoNico Channel

According to the NMB48 official website, it looks as though NMB48 has started their own official NicoNico channel today. With the launch of the new account comes short preview PVs of the Shirogumi and Akagumi songs to accompany their 2nd single, Oh My God!.

The preview PV for Shirohumi’s song, Kesshou, features a huge bunny and the girls dancing in some weird blue dresses. The preview PV for Akagumi’s song, Hoshokusha tachi yo, features the Akagumi girls in red dresses dancing in a parlor-like place.

If I’m not being descriptive enough, I’d like to blame that on the NicoNico quality of the preview PVs. Personally, I think video quality of the preview PVs to be pretty bad. It’s nice to get any sort of preview of the two PVs at all, but it would be nice to have a clearer, non-blurry video preview that I’m afraid NicoNico is unable to provide. Maybe they’ll also post the preview PVs with a better video quality on their official Youtube account.

I haven’t listened to the songs enough, but on first impression, I like Hoshokusha tachi yo a bit more than Kesshou right now. I’ll probably do a better preview either when I watch the PVs more times.

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