My Pure·Heavy Rotation – No Sleeves’ Relax!

While I’ve listened to many AKB related songs to try to catch up on the fandom, there is one song that I’ve listened to more than any other: No Sleeves – Relax!. No Sleeves (no3b) is made up of AKB members Kojima Haruna (Kojiharu), Takahashi Minami (Takamina), and Minegishi Minami (Miichan). I really do love all three members. No Sleeves is my favorite AKB sub-unit, which is not a surprise considering I’m a Miichan oshi. And Relax! is still my favorite No Sleeves’ song.

Just the title of the song alone reveals a bit why I love the song. It really does help me relax. No matter how bad or awful a day I’m having, listening to the song puts me in a better place even if only for a little bit. Silly as it sounds, listening to Relax! makes me feel confident about myself and that I can get through the hardships in my life. And the fact that its sung by three members I admire dearly and it’s perfect relax song for me.

Some of no3b’s Relax! performances:

AKBINGO! performance – X

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