My Pure·Thoughts – Kesshou/Hoshokusha tachi yo PVs

Just a few days after the preview PVs for Shirogumi’s Kesshou and Akagumi’s Hoshokusha tachi yo were up on their NicoNico and YouTube channels, the full PVs have been put on their YouTube channel. And my thoughts have changed a bit from the previews.

Just a few short thoughts. I was quite wrong about Kesshou. The PV is so bright and upbeat and I love the cheerful dancing from the girls throughout. Upon more listens, the song is really nice. And I’m surprised how much I enjoyed the mini story between Yamamoto Sayaka (Sayaka) and the big rabbit. The whole PV is a lot less ridiculous and crazy and a lot more playful and fun than I gave it from the preview.

For Hoshokusha tachi yo, I was a little disappointed the story didn’t any a climatic finish. That said, I still like the song and the PV with the whole mature vibe and the girls’ nice red dresses. And I’m really starting to become a fan of Jo Eriko (Jou). The future Team M has a very impressive ace coming.

Two pretty good PVs. I felt both PVs (not necessarily the songs) were better than the Oh My God! PV.

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