My Pure·Intrigue – AKB48 Anime Announced?

So it looks as though AKB48 will be receiving their very first anime series. This is no real information about the story or airing date of the series so far. So far, the only information given is that Kawamori Shoji will be director and Ootsuki Toshimichi will be producer of the original-story AKB48 anime series. Also, the girls will compete for the voice acting roles and 9 will be chosen to perform the opening theme of the anime series.

Being an anime and AKB48 fan, I have to wonder how well the two will come together. And what will this anime series be like? Will this be a fighting anime in which the ending is basically an animated version of the Flying Get PV? Will this be a romance anime with elements from the AKB 1/48 PSP video games?

Of course, I’m hoping Minegishi Minami (Miichan), Hata Sawako (Shawako), and more of my favorites are involved with the series. I would love to see Shawako voice act in the anime. Here’s to hoping.

EDIT: Looks like more info has been released. The story will involve nine idol candidates who try to become legendary idols.

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