My Pure·Viewing of Nogizakatte, Doko? Episode 2

Really late in watching this, but I got around to watching more of Nogizakatte, Doko?, Nogizaka46‘s TV show. In episode 2, we see the creation of Nogizaka46’s version of Kami7 and they decide some of the girls’ catchphrases.

The girls in Nogizaka Shichi Fukujin (their Kami 7)

  • Shiraishi Mai (age 19)
  • Sakurai Reika (17)
  • Nakada Kana (17)
  • Ichiki Rena (15)
  • Ikuta Erika (14)
  • Takayama Kazumi (17)
  • Ikoma Rina (15)

We saw the emotional response Ikoma Rina (Ikomachan) has upon being picked for 1 of the 7 spots.

We see her story of leaving her family to go to Tokyo to join Nogizaka46. You can see how much being chosen for Nogizaka46 and Nogizaka Shichi Fukujin means to Ikomachan, with all the tears she was crying. Congratulations, Ikomachan!

We get the hosts of the show picking the catchphrases for Nogizaka Shichi Fukujin. Some of them are really kinda lame, but the girls do their best with them. You can clearly how much charisma the girls have. I can’t wait to see how they all perform on stage. My favorite catchphrase would belong to Ichiki Rena (Renarin). And of course, Shiraishi Mai (Maiyan) is still ever so lovely.

I’m trying my best to try and remember the Nogizaka46 girls’ names. My optimism for this group is at an all-time high. Good luck, Nogizaka46!

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