My Pure·Viewing of Mada Mada Kore Kara! Episode 19

Just a short post. The beginning of a new month and that means a new episode of Mada Mada Kore Kara! featuring AKB48 Team B member Chikano Rina (Chikarina). Unfortunately, no Fujie Reina (Reinyan) in this episode.

This episode is a fishing episode for Chikarina. Despite being 28 minutes long, this episode was really light on any real action. For the most part, Chikarina was struggling with putting the worm bait on the fishing hook or waiting with her fishing line in the water. It ultimately ends up being a pretty unsuccessful day of fishing with nothing to show for it for Chikarina. Personally, my favorite part of the episode was Chikarina just chilling on the grass, relaxing without a care in the world. She looked so adorable. Well, until the next episode.

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