My Pure·Thoughts – Ue kara Mariko PV

Since I’ve become a fan of AKB, there have been three singles released. Those three singles are Everyday, Kachuusha, Flying Get, and Kaze wa Fuiteiru. I haven’t been high up on the PVs for these three songs.  After seeing the PV for AKB48’s 24th single, Ue kara Mariko, I think I have finally found the AKB48 PV I love. I love this PV so much.

First, the biggest reason I love the Ue kara Mariko PV: the senbatsu members. The senbatsu for Ue kara Mariko was chosen from September’s janken tournament won by Team A’s Shinoda Mariko (Mariko-sama). Fujie Reina (Reinyan) and Minegishi Minami (Miichan), my two favorite AKB48 members, finished 2nd and 3rd, respectively, in the janken tournament and get a lot of screen time in the PV. Some of my other favorite members such as Oya Shizuka (Shiichan) and Maeda Ami (Aamin) also get their opportunities to shine. All of the girls look so cute and seem to be having fun.

The feel for PV is light and as someone noted, it’s the perfect song to pick me up when I’m down. The plot of the PV is a simple story with the girls playing janken with each other in a school and Reinyan and Mariko-sama having the lead roles. The feel good ending with Reinyan and Mariko-sama and the hug between Miichan and Reinyan was adorable to see.

I’ll be completely biased here: I will probably never find an AKB48 PV I will love more than Ue kara Mariko. I love it too much. So awesome. I’m definitely going to be picking up the single.

Ue kara Mariko, AKB48’s 24th single, releases on December 7th.

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