My Pure·Delight – Fan Voting Approves NMB Member Returns

On the official NMB website, the results of the fan voting for suspended members Matsuda Shiori’s (Shiokichi) and Shimada Rena’s (ShimaRena) possible return to the group have been posted. Both girls received over the necessary 50% fan vote to start their return to NMB48. Shiokichi received 8,377 Approve votes to 1,406 Disapprove votes (~85.6%). ShimaRena received 7,622 Approve votes to 2,161 Disapprove votes (~77.9%).

No additional news has been made on the future of suspended member Yoshida Akari (Akarin). I am hopeful that all three members would return to the group (more so though with Akarin and Shiokichi than ShimaRena). 2/3 of the way. So yeah, I want Akarin back. Please.

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