My Pure·Viewing of Naniwa Nadeshiko Episode 20

Been awhile since I updated the blog. Very late, but time for the latest Naniwa Nadeshiko. Episode 20 features NMB48 members Yamamoto Sayaka (Sayanee), Watanabe Miyuki (Miruki), Yamada Nana (Nana), Fukumoto Aina (Ai-nyan), Jo Eriko (Jou), Yagura Fuuko (Fuuchan) and newcomer to the show Okita Ayaka (A~pon).

This week’s episode is a sports field day episode. The first event for the girls is the 50 meter dash. We get the opening introductions with Sayanee imitating Usain Bolt and Nana copying Ai-nyan’s signature move. The race begins and we get a photo finish with Ai-nyan barely beating out A~pon and Miruki finishing in 3rd.

The second event has the girls seeing how far the girls can jump with a box with a slice of strawberry shortcake inside it. If the slice tips over after the jump, the girl is disqualified. Miruki sets the benchmark first with an 80cm jump. Fuuchan follows with a 1m40cm jump and A~pon with a 1m60cm jump. Jou and Sayanee get DQ’d for having their cake tip over. Nana gets DQ’d for going over the foul line and having her cake flip over. And Ai-nyan completes a 1m99cm jump, which is nullified by her cake tipping over. And the third event, some sort of cleaning race, is quickly run through. After three events, Ai-nyan has the lead.

The final event is a 400m relay race between Sayanee’s team and Nana’s team. Because Nana’s team is short one member, the 4th member of her team ends up being Naoki-san, the host. He ends up being the difference as he ends up giving Nana’s team a huge lead, which leads to the victory.

After this race, the two with the most points are our co-MVP’s: A~pon and Fuuchan. Overall, a fun, athletic episode.

The word going around is that Naniwa Nadeshiko will be ending after 3-4 more episodes. So I’m a bit sad hearing that, especially considering Naniwa Nadeshiko is easily my favorite ***48 show on right now. Hopefully, if this show ends, there will be another awesome NMB48 show to take its place. Until next week.

One response to “My Pure·Viewing of Naniwa Nadeshiko Episode 20

  1. So surprised Ai-nyan and Saya-nee didn’t top this…>_>

    I’m sure they will think of something >.<

    All other groups have more than 2 shows going so we have hope.

    New year, new show. Sounds great ^^

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