My Pure·Intrigue – Team M to be Formed

A few important announcements were made at NMB’s last New Year’s show. First, a DVD of NMB48’s 1st anniversary concert will be released on March 27th. But in even bigger news, it was announced that Team M will be formed on January 26th and 2nd Gen KKS Shimada Rena (Shimarena) has been named captain of the 2nd Gen KKS. From the wording of the announcement, it’s uncertain if Shimarena will also be captain Team M, but if I had to guess, I think she will be.

I’m extremely happy that Team M is being formed at long last. No matter who the captain is, as I’ve said before, I expect Jo Eriko (Jou) to be the ace of Team M. It seems like a given that a few other members such as Yagura Fuuko (Fuuchan) and Yogi Keira (Keira) should be locks to make the team. Can’t wait to see who makes the team on the 26th.

I’m a bit surprised that Shimarena was named captain of the 2nd Gen KKS given the scandal she was involved in, but I’m willing to give her chance. I myself expected Murakami Ayaka (Ayachan) to be named captain (of Team M). It seems like a lot of people are calling Team M dead on arrival because of Shimarena, but I’m optimistic that things will work out. It just seems all these girls that will make up Team M are way too talented for Team M not to be a success.

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