My Pure·Reminscing – My Favorite 5 AKB TV Show Episodes of 2011

As I got to learn more about the AKB family, I think my biggest source of learning came from the many TV shows AKB has. From my very first AKB TV show (AKBINGO!) to my favorite at the end of the year (Naniwa Nadeshiko), every AKB TV show has gotten me to learn about and discover new things about AKB. So here’s my list of my 5 favorite AKB TV show episodes from 2011.

5. Nemousu TV (September 18th, 2011)

I’ve already written a post on this episode, but as someone who enjoys AKB and watching golf, so watching Yamauchi Suzuran (Ranran) play a round of golf was a perfect combination for me. Ranran has slowly become one of my favorite AKB members and she has some serious golf skills and this episode made it very evident.

4. Shukan AKB (April 22th, 2011)

While the earlier quiz episodes got me interested in Hata Sawako (Shawako), it was this episode of Shukan AKB that really made me a fan of Shawako. After watching this episode, how could I not root for Shawako? More Shawako specials on Shukan again please.

3. Naniwa Nadeshiko (November 16th, 2011)

The moe, cosplay episode of NMB48’s Naniwa Nadeshiko. Yeah, it was pretty awesome.

1-2. AKBINGO! (January 5th & 12th, 2011)

The very first episodes of AKBINGO! I watched where I first noticed Minegishi Minami (Miichan). The episodes that started me as a Miichan-oshi. Love and oshimen at first sight. I really can’t decide which one should be #1 and which one #2 because I love these episodes so much. The New Year’s dokkiri episodes where Miichan played the accomplice and stole my heart.

I’m hoping 2012 has even more awesome AKB TV show episodes.

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