My Pure·First Impression – Doryoku no Shiuzku/Migi he Magare PV Previews

The preview PVs for Shirogumi’s Doryoku no Shiuzku and Akagumi’s Migi he Magare have been posted on NMB48′s official Youtube account. Compared to how much I love the NMB48’s Junjou U-19 PV, I find the two gumi PVs a bit lacking. Not to say they are bad, but on first impression, the PVs seem to missing something to make them truly stand out.

Shirogumi’s Doryoku no Shizuku PV has the girls in some sort of forest setting. I’m not really liking their costumes or the hair of the girls in the PV. The girls floating in the air has me intrigued though. Of the two gumi songs themselves, I prefer Doryoku no Shizuku.

At first glance and maybe it’s just me, but Akagumi’s Migi he Magare PV gaves off a RIVER-lite vibe to me. Other people have said it looks like ALIVE and after re-watching the ALIVE PV again, it really does. Whatever the case, I thought the PV looked familiar to me. I like the fatigue-like costumes the girls are wearing. The storyline looks like it involves the girls having to run away from their pursuers. While I don’t enjoy the song as much as Doryoku no Shizuku, I like the preview PV for Migi he Megare slightly more.

Doryoku no Shizuku will be available on the Type-A version of Junjou U-19, while Migi he Megare will be on the Type-B version. NMB48’s 3rd single, Junjou U-19, releases on February 8th.

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