My Pure·Delight – Fan Voting Approves Akarin’s NMB Return

The official fan voting results to determine whether or not suspended NMB48 Team N member Yoshida Akari (Akarin) would possibly return to the group were announced at today’s Team N Stage performance. According to NMB48’s official website, Akarin received 6,821 approval votes to 873 disapproval votes (~88.7%), more than the necessary 50% to return to the group.

With that, all three suspended NMB48 members have received the fans’ blessings to return to NMB48. Akarin is back and I couldn’t be happier. It felt really weird during Oh My God!’s promotion not seeing her at all. I don’t know how early Akarin will return to Team N stage performances or if she will be a part of NMB’s 4th single (senbatsu or not), but just the fact she will be back is good enough for me. It’s also nice to see that it looks like she will not be graduating any time soon. Yay, Akarin!

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