My Pure·NMB48 Blog Challenge: Question 1

Earlier today, I was looking through Tumblr and stumbled upon many people doing the AKB48 20-Day Challenge. Over the course of 20 days (or whatever variation of time), the person would answer a different question based on their unique AKB experience.

So I’m completely stealing that idea (and most of the questions), but I’ll be tweaking (and perhaps adding/removing) the questions so that it’s about my favorite ***48 group, NMB48. Since I’ve been busy with real life affairs lately, I’ll be answering the questions over the next few posts, which may or may not be daily. And the posts will probably answer multiple questions at once.

This post will be my answer to the 1st question.

1. Where did you first hear of NMB48?

I first heard of NMB48 on the February 2th, 2011 episode of NMBINGO!. (Oops… I mean AKBINGO!) To be honest, my first impression of the girls was not very favorable and I think it had to do with my mindset as a new AKB fan joining the fandom. I was still trying to learn about the AKB members and I felt that the NMB48 girls were wasting my precious AKBINGO! viewing time since they clearly weren’t AKB48. I thought that the NMB girls were too young and that they would be nowhere near as talented or entertaining to watch. And all this came from NMB48 appearing for 2 minutes on AKBINGO!

Needless to say, I was wrong. Now I love NMB48. And now I would love to see NMBINGO! be made into a real TV show.

The NMB48 Blog Challenge Questions (subject to change):
Where did you first hear of NMB48?
2. What was the first song you heard by NMB48?
3. What song got you hooked to NMB48?
4. What song by NMB48 makes you smile?
What is your favorite song by NMB48?
6. What is your favorite NMB48 PV?
7. What is your least favorite NMB48 PV?
8. What is your favorite NMB48 song lyrics?
9. What song by NMB48 is the most personal to you?
10. If you could marry one of the NMB members, who would it be?
11. What is your favorite NMB48 TV show?
12. Who is your favorite NMB48 Team N member?
13. Who is your favorite NMB48 Team M member?
14. Who is your favorite NMB48 Team BII member?
15. Who is your favorite NMB48 KKS member?
16. Have you purchased any NMB48 merchandise before?
17. If you were walking down the street and walked straight into [insert favorite NMB member here], what would you do?
18. Rank your top 5 members in NMB48.

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