My Pure·NMB48 Blog Challenge: Questions 6-7

On to the next two questions of my NMB48 Blog Challenge. This time the questions focus on the NMB48 PVs.

6. What is your favorite NMB48 PV?
7. What is your least favorite NMB48 PV?

My short answers.
Favorite: Kesshou
Least favorite: Boku ga Maketa Natsu

Kesshou is really a PV that grew on me. I remember watching the preview PV and feeling slightly unimpressed. I’m not sure why I felt that way now. Everything about the PV just seems to jump out at you. The upbeat lyrics, the bright environments, the playful dancing, the Alice in Wonderland-like bunny. It’s hard to watch the PV without cheering up a bit and feeling better about my life. The PV is just sweet and adorable in every way possible.

As bright and colorful Kesshou is, the PV for Boku ga Maketa Natsu is the complete opposite. My least favorite PV from NMB48 so far. Just from the song itself, I didn’t enjoy Boku ga Maketa Natsu as much as its Akagumi counterpart Mattemashita, Shingakki. And the PV just seems a bit dreary and bland.

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