My Pure·First Impression – Nagiichi PV Preview

The preview PV for NMB48’s 4th single track Nagiichi is out on NMB48’s official Youtube account. Quite simply, it looks like Nagiichi will be NMB’s best A-side PV to date and I couldn’t be happier. People seem quick to compare the PV to AKB’s Ponytail to Shushu, but I think this Nagiichi PV is much better.

As always, all the girls look gorgeous. From the PV preview, the five girls who get the most screen time are Yamamoto Sayaka (Sayanee), Watanabe Miyuki (Milky), Yamada Nana (Nana), Fukumoto Aina (Ai-nyan), and Jo Eriko (Jo). We see Ai-nyan and Jo having a few drinks poolside, Sayanee and Milky looking stylish, and Nana getting a back massage in her bikini. The whole PV is bright and colorful, the song sounds better with every listen to me, and I’m liking what I see from the  beach dance, which I prefer over Ponyshu’s. Just everything about the preview has me even more excited for the full PV and the release of the single.

NMB48′s 4th single Nagiichi releases on May 9th.

One response to “My Pure·First Impression – Nagiichi PV Preview

  1. Tbh the song sounds closer to chance no junban than ponishu, but then again, CnJ was rather similar to ponishu too lol xD
    As for the PV…. o-o**ai matsuri yeaaaaaaahhh /o/ *is whacked*

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