My Pure·Viewing of NMB48 no Teens Hakusho Episode 3

I’ve so busy with real life that it seems like I never have enough time to write here. Oh well, at least I always have time to watch NMB48 no Teens Hakusho. The latest episode features Team N members Yamada Nana (Nana) and Jonishi Kei (Keicchi) along with Team M member Murase Sae (Saepii). In this episode, the girls look at the wonders of purikura.

The girls visit P+closet, located on the 9th floor of the HEP Five building. Inside are plenty of purikura machines to satisfy any teenage girl… and a 20 year-old Nana. The first machine the girls try out is LADY BY TOKYO machine.

Haha, Nana! I actually think the girls look quite nice with that eye effect on them here. Oh how I wish I could have the purikura photo on my phone! Also, I wish I had that NTT DoCoMo phone as well.

I have to say that I’m impressed at how quality looking the purikura machines over there look. I don’t know much about photo booths, but I’m used to seeing the very small ones that you would see in an arcade and such here in America. Maybe it’s commonplace there, but purikura in Japan just seems to be pretty amazing to me. Anyways, the next two booths the girls try out are the MiLK Beauty and Kirei Navi2.

Haha, I never thought I would find pics of NMB girls slightly creepy, but these purikura photos scare me. And poor Nana in that last pic. Maybe some cosplay purikura would be more fitting for Nana, Keicchi, and Saepii.

Yeah, the girls look adorable. Nana as Snow White, Keiichi as Alice, and Saepii as a police woman. So adorable. Loved this episode.

Really, after three episodes, Teens no Hakusho has been even better than Kagaijugyo, which I absolutely loved. I’m happy that Team M is starting to get a bit more screen time and maybe we’ll episodes with two Team M member on the show. I’m hoping.

One response to “My Pure·Viewing of NMB48 no Teens Hakusho Episode 3

  1. I think Nana put up that photo on her G+ so you can download it there. Also I think that phone is the Samsung Galaxy S or maybe the Galaxy S2? It’s been out here for a while. I have the regular Galaxy S, it’s pretty cool but the battery life sucks. =)

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