My Pure·Pride – Nagiichi 1st Week Sales

The weekly battle between NMB48’s Nagiichi and Arashi’s Face Down has seemed to come to a conclusion and Arashi has finished the week on Oricon as #1. I tip my hat to them and congratulate them for taking the #1 spot.

But even though I’m a bit sad that NMB48 finished #2 for the week, I’m still proud of NMB and the sales Nagiichi was able to make. The theater copies midweek surge finally occurred on Saturday, leading to 91,990 copies sold for the day, the lone day NMB48 was #1 on the daily Oricon chart over Arashi and Super Junior. While it is not the 4th #1 single for NMB48, it is another NMB single outselling its predecessor. The Saturday theater edition surge helped Nagiichi exceed Junjou U-19‘s 1st week sales of 329,438 copies sold. Nagiichi has sold almost 376,000 copies in its 1st week.

I think it shows that NMB48’s popularity has not peaked yet. I will always think that NMB48 is awesome, but there is still untapped potential in them. Can’t wait to see what NMB has in store for the future.

And Aki-P, please get N3 going and allow LODs, so I can watch it already.

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