My Pure·Heavy Rotation – Skirt, Hirari

Sometimes it takes awhile for a song to catch on with me. And sometimes it takes something special for that to happen to me. When I first starting following this AKB fandom a little over a year ago, Skirt, Hirari was a song that just never did anything for me. It wasn’t even a song I necessarily hated, just one that never left much of an impression on me when it was performed.

Well, until I watched NMB perform it on their 1st Anniversary Speical Live DVD. Yes, my NMB bias got me to listen to and watch Skirt, Hirari a lot more. It feels like I’m seeing Skirt, Hirari under a new light now for no real reason other NMB performed it. No matter how it happened, I now really enjoy watching the song performed now.

And now, I’ve been watching the Team 4 performance from Unit Matsuri 2012 frequently lately. So yeah, I’m starting to like the song now. Ranran!

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