My Pure·Delight – NMB Janken Preliminary Results

The road to determine the center for AKB48’s 29th single started yesterday as NMB48 held their janken preliminaries. The janken prelims would determine which 6 (well, 7 with Milky also representing Team B) members would represent NMB48 in the AKB48’s 29th single janken tournament.

First, the kenkyuusei competed in the first prelim to see who would compete against the NMB team members. Ultimately, 3rd Gen KKS Kushiro Rina (Rinacchi) defeated fellow 3rd Gen KKS Kono Saki (Sakipi) in the KKS final to claim the KKS spot in the NMB preliminary tournament.

In the following prelim, the members would janken until we got to the final 6. The 6 NMB members (besides Milky) who advanced to Budokan for the janken tournament:

Team N: Kotani Riho, Shinohara Kanna
Team M: Kawakami Rena, Takano Yui, Hikawa Ayame, Yamagishi Natsumi

Their paths to the final 6 would go as follows.
Kotani Riho (Ripopo) defeated Ota Riona (Riona) and Fukumoto Aina (Ai-nyan).
Shinohara Kanna (Kanchiru) defeated Kondo Rina (Riichan) and Murakami Ayaka (Ayachan).
Kamakami Rena (Renapyon) defeated Kadowaki Kanako (Kanakichi), Yoshida Akari (Akarin), and Fujita Runa (Ruutan).
Takano Yui (Yuipon) defeated Shimada Rena (Shimarena) and Matsuda Shiori (Shiokichi).
Hikawa Ayame (Ayanyan) defeated Okita Ayaka (Aapon) and Shiroma Miru (Mirurun).
Yamagishi Natsumi (Natsumin) defeated Yamaguchi Yuuki (Yuppi), Jo Eriko (Jo), and Jonishi Kei (Keicchi).

Happy for all the girls who will be representing NMB for the janken tournament. I’m hoping for all 7 members to make senbatsu and maybe even one of them will get that center position. I’m rooting for it!

AKB48’s 29th Single Janken Tournament will take place on September 18th.


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