My Pure·Sadness – Jo Announces Her Graduation

At yesterday’s Team M stage perormance, Jo Eriko (Jo) announced her graduation from NMB48. She cited her studies for the reason for her graduation. Her graduation performance will take place on Friday, September 28th.

I can say that I’ve never gotten as emotional about something from this fandom as I did when I read about Jo’s graduation announcement. Seeing the announcement was like a punch in the gut and I spent my day (at work) in a state of pure shock. In my head, I can’t even imagine NMB without Jo. She is one of my favorite members with her bubbly, spunky personality and a smile that would make anyone who saw it fall in love. I was always felt Jo had a way to infect everyone around her with positive energy. She will truly be missed in NMB.

I’ve probably be writing some sort of dedication post to Jo before her official graduation from NMB48. Until then, I hope Jo nothing but the best in her remaining time in NMB. And I hope she’s forever happy in whatever she does with her life.

Thank you for everything, Jo!

2 responses to “My Pure·Sadness – Jo Announces Her Graduation

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