My Pure·Thoughts – Ai-nyan Announces Her Graduation

Fukumoto Aina

By now, I think most NMB fans have heard the news about Fukumoto Aina’s (Ai-nyan) graduation. At the end of yesterday N1 stage performance, Ai-nyan announced she will be graduating from NMB48 in the near future to pursue her dream of becoming a variety talent.

When I first heard of the news of Ai-nyan’s graduation yesterday, I had the same devastated feeling I had when Jo Eriko (Jo) announced her graduation back in September of last year. But as the day went by and I thought more about it, I realized that I had this strange sense of pride in Ai-nyan for making such a difficult decision to pursue her dream. You could see the tears in Ai-nyan’s eyes as she made her announcement and you could see how strongly she believes in her dream. Of course, I’m going to miss seeing Ai-nyan, one of the crown staples of NMB, leave the group. But if it’s to pursue her dream, I support Ai-nyan 100% and I know she can definitely succeed in being a variety talent.

Ai-nyan graduation announcement has inspired me to remember my own dreams in life and to go after them with everything I’ve got. Thank you, Ai-nyan, for inspiring me and being completely awesome in NMB. I hope to see you as a variety talent on TV for a long time to come.

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