My Pure·Dilemma – My NMB48 Request Hour Best Setlist 2013 Best 30 Vote

And finally, I have decent internet connection again. So much has happened in the world of NMB48 since my internet went down. Shinohara Kanna’s (Kanchiru) graduation announcement. The end of Docking48! and Teens Hakusho. A new NMB TV show called Black Million. Everything involving Geinin! 2 and the Geinin! movie. And probably a bunch of other things I can’t think of right now. I definitely believe that it’s never been more fun to a NMB fan than right now.

And three weeks from now, the group will be holding their own Request Hour Best Setlist 2013 Best 30, counting the top 30 NMB songs (and stage songs, which are technically AKB songs because Aki-P keeps delaying N3) as voted by the fans. The voting tickets for NMB’s Request Hour were placed in the Type-B edition of NMB’s 1st album, Teppen Totande!. And I still have my unused voting ticket from my Type-B copy, trying for weeks to solve this dilemma (the kind of dilemma I actually enjoy) I’ve been dealt with. What NMB song do I vote for?

I decided to limit my choices to NMB songs, so no AKB stage songs for me. And I feel that all of A-side single tracks will rank, so I wanted to avoid voting for those songs as well. Ultimately, I think I have three final songs in which I will choose from to give my 1 vote.

Those three songs after the jump.

Mattemashita, Shingakki

Out of all the NMB PVs, I’ve definitely watched the Mattemashita, Shingakki PV the most. It’s my usual go-to NMB PV whenever I feel like listening to NMB. And it’s the PV that really got me to see stunningly pretty Yoshida Akari (Akarin) is. A underrated song that I’m really hoping ranks.

Boku ga Mou Sukoshi Daitan Nara

An awesome song that has my three favorite NMB members in Shimada Rena (Shimarena), Yamada Nana (Nana), and Ogasawara Mayu (Maachun). It has the best dancing of any B-side track in my opinion and everything about the song screams cute. Also, can we bring back graduated member Hikawa Ayame (Ayanyan) for this performance if this ranks? Actually, same with Matsuda Shiori (Shiokichi) for Mattemashita, Shingakki and my final song finalist…

Fuyushougun no Regret

The dark-horse finalist of the three. I was not even thinking about voting for it until I watched the PV a few times more. Thinking about, it would be nice to get a song without the Big 5 to rank in the Top 30. Looking back at members in Namba Teppoutai Ni, it would be a great chance for the Team M ace Yagura Fuuko (Fuuchan) and others to shine. I don’t remember Fuyushougun no Regret being performed on stage before, so I would love to see the song performed live at Request Hour.

In the end, I know there are no wrong choices in what song I vote for. I’m hoping NMB48’s Request Hour is everything I imagine it to be and personally, I hope that Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo ranks #1. NMB48 Request Hour Best Setlist 2013 Best 30 will occur on April 18th. Can’t wait.

2 responses to “My Pure·Dilemma – My NMB48 Request Hour Best Setlist 2013 Best 30 Vote

  1. I like your approach to choosing your vote, for me it’s difficult to stay away from the sometimes obvious choices as I’m a sucker for those =P. Good luck~* with your choice and I hope it ranks when the results are revealed ^ ^。

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