My Pure·Sadness – Hitomin’s Final Stage in NMB

Last night (5/30), Yamamoto Hitomi (Hitomin) performed in her final Team M stage.

I’m not sure if she’s officially graduated from NMB, given that it seems members have handshake and other commitments way in advance. But anyways, it’s sad her days as a member of NMB are soon coming to an end. Another Team M member that left way earlier than I thought. My first real exposure to Hitomin was her awesome appearances on Geinin! and I’m really going to miss seeing Hitomin perform her gags. I think it’s safe to say there isn’t a member in the 48 family quite like Hitomin.

I wish Hitomin nothing but the best in her final moments as a NMB member and in her post-NMB life.

Pics from NMB48 theater manager Kaneko Takeshi’s G+ of Hitomin’s final stage performance after the jump.

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