My Pure·Happiness – Bokura no Eureka 1st Day Sales

The 1st day sales figure of NMB48’s 7th single Bokura no Eureka are out and I couldn’t be more ecstatic. On its first day, the single has sold 420,906 copies. Previously, the best 1st day sales for a NMB single were the 280,367 copies sold of Junjou U-19 on its 1st day. Not only that, Bokura no Eureka is already the best-selling NMB single in terms of 1st week sales, surpassing last year’s summer single Nagiichi, which sold 375,785 copies in in its first week of release.

I am happily surprised that Bokura no Eureka managed to sell over 420K copies in one day, with the AKB senbatsu election less than two weeks ago. With all the money and time spent on the election, I was expecting a little bit of a lull on 48 single buying. I was still expecting good sales figures for NMB’s 7th single, but this exceeded even my expectations. Guess NMB wota (and myself) have more money that I previously thought.

Hoping that Bokura no Eureka continues to sell well. Maybe even hit that 500K spot in the 1st week. Congratulations, NMB48!

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