My Pure·Dilemma – My NMB48 Request Hour Best Setlist 2013 Best 30 Vote

And finally, I have decent internet connection again. So much has happened in the world of NMB48 since my internet went down. Shinohara Kanna’s (Kanchiru) graduation announcement. The end of Docking48! and Teens Hakusho. A new NMB TV show called Black Million. Everything involving Geinin! 2 and the Geinin! movie. And probably a bunch of other things I can’t think of right now. I definitely believe that it’s never been more fun to a NMB fan than right now.

And three weeks from now, the group will be holding their own Request Hour Best Setlist 2013 Best 30, counting the top 30 NMB songs (and stage songs, which are technically AKB songs because Aki-P keeps delaying N3) as voted by the fans. The voting tickets for NMB’s Request Hour were placed in the Type-B edition of NMB’s 1st album, Teppen Totande!. And I still have my unused voting ticket from my Type-B copy, trying for weeks to solve this dilemma (the kind of dilemma I actually enjoy) I’ve been dealt with. What NMB song do I vote for?

I decided to limit my choices to NMB songs, so no AKB stage songs for me. And I feel that all of A-side single tracks will rank, so I wanted to avoid voting for those songs as well. Ultimately, I think I have three final songs in which I will choose from to give my 1 vote.

Those three songs after the jump.

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My Pure·Delight – Teppen Tottande! 1st Week Sales

It’s been a week since NMB48’s 1st album Teppen Tottande! was released and the album has taken off to impressive sales. In the 1st week of sales for Teppen Tottande!, the album has sold 328,436 copies, ranking #1 in Oricon’s weekly album chart.

I got my copies last week and I’m really enjoying everything about the album types. The songs, the concert footage, the full HA! PV. So much NMB goodness. So happy and proud of NMB and hopefully this album is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of success for the group. Congratulations, NMB48!

My Pure·Delight – Teppen Tottande! 1st Day Sales

Teppen Tottande!

Finally, the day has arrived. February 27th. The release of NMB48’s 1st album Teppen Tottande!

And it looks like the album is going to be another great seller for NMB. Oricon shows the 1st day sales of album have totaled 247,047 copies, ranking it 1st on the Oricon daily album chart. When I first heard that NMB was getting their 1st album, I couldn’t even think of a ballpark estimate figure that the album would sell. But seeing 247,047 copies of the album sold on its 1st day alone is pretty amazing to me. It certainly makes me feel very proud of NMB and extremely happy for their success. Can the group reach 300,000 copies sold for the week? Or maybe even more? We will find out as the week goes by. Congratulations, NMB48!

My Pure·Viewing of NMB48 no Teens Hakusho Episode 46

NMB48 no Teens Hakusho Episode 46

Another week, another superb episode of Teens Hakusho. This week’s episode features Team N members Yamada Nana (Nana), Kishino Rika (Rika-nyan), and Yoshida Akari (Akarin). And this week, we see the girls hit the slopes for some snowboarding and other winter fun.

From my own experience at the slopes, I know how difficult it can be to snowboard. In my case, it’s seemingly impossible. So this episode would be amiss if we didn’t have at least one NMB member with some snowboarding skills and that member of the three is Rika-nyan. Rika-nyan glides down the slope in style, making it easy to see that this isn’t her first time on a board. Let’s just say Akarin and Nana don’t have the same skills as Rika-nyan, but damn do they look cute looking scared trying to learn to ski and snowboard, respectively. But all the girls are able to successfully glide down from the top of the slopes and in one piece.

NMB48 no Teens Hakusho Episode 46NMB48 no Teens Hakusho Episode 46NMB48 no Teens Hakusho Episode 46NMB48 no Teens Hakusho Episode 46

Afterwards, we get to see the girls ride snowmobiles through the snow trails. (Though how fun would it have been to see the girls drive the snowmobiles themselves? That would have been awesome.) Also, we get to see to girls have a snowball fight, using the latest technology in snowball fighting warfare. A little too overpriced for my taste though. Nothing beats a handmade snowball  in a snowball fight to me.

NMB48 no Teens Hakusho Episode 46NMB48 no Teens Hakusho Episode 46

And the main event of the episode is to see if Rika-nyan can successfully land a jump from a ramp on her snowboard. It’s not as easy as SSX and Cool Boarders makes it look and Rika-nyan struggles to land that ollie off the ramp. She lands short a few times and is unable to keep balance after the jump. But finally, after a few more tries, success…

NMB48 no Teens Hakusho Episode 46

Awesome episode and Rika-nyan was definitely the MVP of the episode. Mad props for her snowboarding skills.

My Pure·Thoughts – Ai-nyan Announces Her Graduation

Fukumoto Aina

By now, I think most NMB fans have heard the news about Fukumoto Aina’s (Ai-nyan) graduation. At the end of yesterday N1 stage performance, Ai-nyan announced she will be graduating from NMB48 in the near future to pursue her dream of becoming a variety talent.

When I first heard of the news of Ai-nyan’s graduation yesterday, I had the same devastated feeling I had when Jo Eriko (Jo) announced her graduation back in September of last year. But as the day went by and I thought more about it, I realized that I had this strange sense of pride in Ai-nyan for making such a difficult decision to pursue her dream. You could see the tears in Ai-nyan’s eyes as she made her announcement and you could see how strongly she believes in her dream. Of course, I’m going to miss seeing Ai-nyan, one of the crown staples of NMB, leave the group. But if it’s to pursue her dream, I support Ai-nyan 100% and I know she can definitely succeed in being a variety talent.

Ai-nyan graduation announcement has inspired me to remember my own dreams in life and to go after them with everything I’ve got. Thank you, Ai-nyan, for inspiring me and being completely awesome in NMB. I hope to see you as a variety talent on TV for a long time to come.

My Pure·Happiness – NMB48 Geinin! Movie Announced

Happiest ***48 news that’s I’ve heard in awhile. NMB48’s comedy TV show Geinin! is being adapted into an original movie. The movie will have new characters including characters played by concurrent AKB and NMB members Yokoyama Yui (Yuihan) and Kotani Riho (Ripopo).

There are not many details about the movie itself and I’m left with so many questions. What happens to Jo Eriko’s character after Jo’s graduation last year? Do we see the return of all the NMB guesting members such Yoshida Akari (Akarin), Yagura Fuuka (Fuuchan), and Kishino Rika (Rika-nyan)? Do we see Football Hour return? Will the movie contain any improv comedy like in the TV show? Will Yamada Nana (Nana) finally manage to get some laughs?

Endless possibilities to think about. All I know so far is that I’m tremendously excited for this Geinin! movie. With the full HA! PV coming soon and now this, it seems like the acting bug is coming for the NMB members. And I love it.

My Pure·Joy – Happy Valentine’s Day from NMB!

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! And just like their Christmas video, NMB is helping once again to celebrate the holidays, this time by uploading a special Valentine’s Day video on their official YouTube channel.

I loved the Christmas video and I’m really happy that NMB did another video for Valentine’s Day. The video is just fun and it’s really great to see each NMB member with their own unique spin on a Valentine’s day confession. So much variety between all the members. And who wouldn’t want to receive some chocolate from these girls on Valentine’s Day?

And once again, Happy Valentine’s Day!

My Pure·Viewing of NMB48 no Teens Hakusho Episode 45

NMB 48 no Teens Hakusho Episode 45

It’s been a crazy time being a ***48 lately and with all the craziness going on in the fandom, I wanted my first blog post in over a month to be on something simple.

So let’s get back to watching Teens Hakusho. This week’s episode of Teens Hakusho includes NMB members Yamada Nana (Nana), Shinohara Kanna (Kanchiru), and Okita Ayaka (Aapon). And this week’s episode of Teens Hakusho is my favorite kind of episode of Teens Hakusho: a food episode.

NMB enjoying crab legs, KFC, sweets, and more makes me happy. I envy the girls for being allowed to eat so much delicious food. Not much to explain about the episode really. If you love NMB and you love food, watch this episode and you won’t be disappointed. NMB food pic spam after the jump.

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My Pure·Hopes and Wishes for NMB in 2013


Happy New Year everyone!

2012 was definitely a very successful yet emotional year for NMB48 and their fans. We saw 15 NMB members graduate along with the introduction of the new 3rd and 4th generation members. We saw the numbers of teams triple with the creation of Team M and Team BII. We saw five NMB members rank in the AKB’s 27th single election. We saw AKB48 Team A member Yokoyama Yui (Yuihan) transferred into the group and placed in Team N.We saw NMB dominate G+ with their antics and mayhem. We saw NMB release 4 great singles. We saw how awesomely funny NMB could be in Geinin!. And we finally, finally got NMB LODs for us fans to enjoy NMB in all their stage-worthy glory. And I probably missed something amazing that happened to NMB in 2012.

I’m hoping that 2013 is an even bigger year for the group. NMB already announced their releasing their 1st album scheduled for release on February 27th and that NMB will be getting their own Request Hour sometime in 2013. Of course, I have my own personal hopes and wishes for the group for 2013. My completely biased short wish list for 2013 after the jump.

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My Pure·Intrigue – NMB 4th Gen Members Revealed

NMB48 4th Gen

There’s been a lot going with NMB lately with Sato Sorai’s (Sorai) and Hikawa Ayame’s (Ayanyan) recent graduations along with the announcement of NMB’s 1st album and own Request Hour coming next year. And now the group is growing even more, with the 4th generation members being revealed. The profiles for the 4th gen members have been posted up on NMB’s official website and a video of the new members introducing themselves is up on their official YouTube channel.

It feels like just yesterday that the 3rd gen NMB members were first introduced, so part of me hopes that NMB doesn’t add the 5th gen for quite awhile. I don’t want NMB to be filled with too many KKS, which will ultimately lead to more graduations. That said, I’m really excited for the potential of the 4th gen and I’m hoping to learn more about them as we move into 2013.