My Pure·Reminscing – My Favorite 5 AKB Members of 2011

2011 is coming to an end here and with the new year just around the corner, I wanted to look back a bit at my first year in the AKB fandom. It’s weird how just a few months ago, I couldn’t name a single member from any of the ***48 groups. Now, I am a Miichan oshi who has NMB48 as his favorite ***48 group and a blog that for the most part talks about NMB. Not how I expected this year to go, but I’m not complaining.

This is my personal list of my 5 favorite members for the whole AKB family.

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My Pure·Thoughts – Ue kara Mariko PV

Since I’ve become a fan of AKB, there have been three singles released. Those three singles are Everyday, Kachuusha, Flying Get, and Kaze wa Fuiteiru. I haven’t been high up on the PVs for these three songs.  After seeing the PV for AKB48’s 24th single, Ue kara Mariko, I think I have finally found the AKB48 PV I love. I love this PV so much.

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My Pure·Want – AKB48’s 24th Single Titled “Ue kara Mariko”

It looks as though the title of AKB48’s 24th single has been titled Ue kara Mariko. The 24th single features the senbatsu members decided from the recent janken tournament, which was won by Team A member, Shinoda Mariko (Mariko-sama). Really excited for this single because I really love the senbatsu members especially with Minegishi Minami (Miichan) and Fujie Reina (Reinyan) being close to the center. Can’t wait to see how this single turns out.

AKB48’s 24th single, Ue kara Mariko, releases on December 7.

EDIT: The tracklist for the single has been posted on the King Records website. The B-side song is Noel no Yoru accompanied by either Injin ha Kizutsukanai (Team A), Zero Sum Taiyou (Team K), Yobiatte Fantasy (Team B), and the song that was originally intended to be the title 24th single song, Hashire! Penguin (Team 4).

My Pure·Viewing of Mada Mada Kore Kara! Episode 15

I kinda miss the good, old days when Fujie Reina (Reinyan) and Chikano Rina (Chikarina) did Mada Mada Kore Kara! together. For the last five episodes of Mada Mada Kore Kara!: recap episode, another recap episode, Chikarina-only episode, Reinyan-only episode, and now once again a Chikarina only episode. I’d love to see an episode with both of them on at the same time. That said, I still love this show. It’s simple. It’s cute. And that works for me.

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