My Pure·Thoughts – Kimi ga Ano Hi Waratte Ita Imi wo PV

I hadn’t even realized until today that Ono Erena’s 4th single was released this week. I hadn’t been too fond of either of Erena’s previous 2 singles Erenyan or Say!! Ippai, but I decided to look up the PV for the title track Kimi ga Ano Hi Waratte Ita Imi wo. It seems like few people are really talking about Erena’s newest single PV. Which is a shame, because now it’s my favorite Ono Erena single and PV since her debut solo single Erepyon.

In the Kimi ga Ano Hi Waratte Ita Imi wo PV, we get to see a geeky side of Erena and she’s just adorable with her nerdy glasses and her blue jumpsuit while playing video games. And by the end of the PV, she morphs into the cool, rocker girl Erena that we all know now and love. The song has a nice, gentle rocker feel that seems to suit Erena perfectly and even without much of a story, the PV is so simple and cute that it works very well. I said it when Erepyon was released, but it’s just amazing how beautiful and mature of a woman Erena has come since graduating from AKB. And just like the Erepyon PV, I think the Kimi ga Ano Hi Waratte Ita Imi wo PV is a wonderful representation of that evolution and metamorphosis.

Here’s hoping we get more great Erena singles like this one. Ono Erena’s 4th single Kimi ga Ano Hi Waratte Ita Imi wo was released on March 6th, 2013.