My Pure·Thoughts – Mousou Girlfriend PV

The full PV for NMB48’s 5th single coupling song Mousou Girlfriend was uploaded today on NMB48’s official YouTube channel. After seeing the Min-Min Daha CM, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the PV for this. Be warned: if you’re not a fan of fluff and cuteness, then this PV is not for you.

The PV starts with Watanabe Miyuki (Milky) walking around a empty town and finding a stray cat. The cat bites her pinky finger and Milky transforms into a neko girl. Then she runs and she runs and she runs some more until she finds the other NMB girls in a hilly grass field. She bites the pinky finger of Jo Eriko (Jo), who also transforms into a neko girl. Jo returns the favor to Shiroma Miru (Mirurun), who in turn does the same to Yamamoto Sayaka (Sayanee). Eventually all the girls are neko girls and they dance all adorably on the grassy hills. No real frills in this PV, but just cute NMB neko girls dancing. I can’t complain.

Mousou Girlfriend is so catchy that the song’s been stuck in my head for the last day or so. If this is just the coupling song, I can’t wait to hear what the A-side sounds like for the 5th single.

NMB48’s 5th single releases on August 8tth.

My Pure·Delight – NMB in Min-Min Daha CM

The brand new Min Min Daba CM featuring NMB48 have been released and the CM is cute to say the least, nyan. The CM features the NMB girls in neko outfits and dancing to their 5th single coupling song, Mousou Girlfriend. Love the song, love the girls, love the CM. This has me looking forward to NMB48’s 5th single even more now. So yeah, watch it and enjoy.

Other CM, making of, and a few pics after the jump.

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