My Pure·Viewing of NMB48 no Teens Hakusho Episode 45

NMB 48 no Teens Hakusho Episode 45

It’s been a crazy time being a ***48 lately and with all the craziness going on in the fandom, I wanted my first blog post in over a month to be on something simple.

So let’s get back to watching Teens Hakusho. This week’s episode of Teens Hakusho includes NMB members Yamada Nana (Nana), Shinohara Kanna (Kanchiru), and Okita Ayaka (Aapon). And this week’s episode of Teens Hakusho is my favorite kind of episode of Teens Hakusho: a food episode.

NMB enjoying crab legs, KFC, sweets, and more makes me happy. I envy the girls for being allowed to eat so much delicious food. Not much to explain about the episode really. If you love NMB and you love food, watch this episode and you won’t be disappointed. NMB food pic spam after the jump.

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My Pure·Delight – Aapon Promoted to Team M

A day late, but announced on the last day of NMB48’s Osaka Juuban Shoubu tour and on NMB48’s official website, 1st Gen KKS Okita Ayaka (Aapon) has been promoted to Team M. I was really sad and disappointed to see her not promoted to Team M when the team was formed back in late January, so I’m really happy to see her promotion to the team now. Now hopefully see her more often now, like perhaps in a future episode of Teens Hakusho.

Aapon’s graduation leaves Koyanagi Arisa (Arii) as the only active 1st Gen member without a team. And like Aapon, I hope Arii eventually finds a team of her own in NMB in the future.

My Pure·Delight – Team M Formed

At long last, Team M has finally been formed!

The members making up Team M
1st Gen: Ota Riona, Kawakami Rena, Kinoshita Momoka, Hikawa Ayame, Yamagishi Natsumi
2nd Gen: Kodakari Yuuka, Shimada Rena, Jo Eriko, Takano Yui, Tanigawa Airi, Fujita Runa, Mita Mao, Murakami Ayaka, Murase Sae, Yagura Fuuko, Yogi Keira

The captain of Team M is Shimada Rena (ShimaRena).

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My Pure·Viewing of Naniwa Nadeshiko Episode 20

Been awhile since I updated the blog. Very late, but time for the latest Naniwa Nadeshiko. Episode 20 features NMB48 members Yamamoto Sayaka (Sayanee), Watanabe Miyuki (Miruki), Yamada Nana (Nana), Fukumoto Aina (Ai-nyan), Jo Eriko (Jou), Yagura Fuuko (Fuuchan) and newcomer to the show Okita Ayaka (A~pon).

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My Pure·Viewing of NMB48 no Kagaijugyo Episode 33

Really short post here. Another episode of NMB48 After School. The 33rd episode features Team N members Yamada Nana (Nana) and Kondo Rina (Riichan) along with 1st Gen KKS Okita Ayaka (A~pon).

This week, the girls get a look inside the 551 Horai factory where they make butaman or steamed pork buns. Riichan trying to form a steamed pork bun and failing was funny to see. Not much to really show, but I’m loving the fact that NMB48 shows are seemingly always showing food. Naniwa Nadeshiko and some episodes of NMB48 After School are really crave food. Hopefully, more food in next week’s episodes.