My Pure·Look – Mariko-sama’s Puccho CM

Just a short post. Winning the janken tournament didn’t just give Shinoda Mariko (Mariko-sama) the center for the 24th AKB single. It also gave her the center of the Puccho candy CM. As expected, the short Puccho CM featured mostly Mariko-sama talking to the viewer about Puccho with a even short dance with the Ue kara Mariko senbatsu. Probably my biggest problem with the CM is that Mariko-sama’s talking to the viewer interrupts the song, never allowing Ue kara Mariko to make any impact. I’d prefer if the song just played continuously through the CM, even when Mariko-sama talks. Also, wished the CM was longer to catch more glimpses of the senbatsu members. Still, not a bad CM.