My Pure·Thoughts – Erepyon PV

And Ono Erena is back! The PV for Ono Erena’s debut single Erepyon has leaked out online and it’s an absolute joy to see her back. The song and PV are awesome.

From my interpretation, the PV features idol Erepyon and boxer Ono Erena in a representation of Erena before and after AKB. During the boxer Erena gets knocked down a bit, which sort of symbolizes Erena after her graduation from AKB a couple of years ago.  But she gets backs up and ultimately knocks out idol Erepyon. We still see the same cute and cool Erepyon we know and love and yet she’s grown up now and is different from the AKB idol Erepyon.

I’m hoping that Erena’s single does well and she’s back in the entertainment industry to say. Erepyon sounds great and I’m optimistic about the rest of the single now. One Erena’s debut single Erepyon releases on June 13th.

My Pure·First Impression – Saigo no Catharsis/Boku ga Mou Sukoshi Daitan Nara PV Previews

The preview PVs for Shirogumi’s Saigo no Catharsis and Akagumi’s Boku ga Mou Sukoshi Daitan Nara have appeared on NMB48’s official Youtube channel. From what I’ve seen so far, I’m liking where the PVs seem to be going. Unlike a lot of people it seems, I think I prefer Nagiichi‘s Aka/Shiro PVs to Junjou U-19‘s.

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My Pure·Thoughts – Ushinaitakunai kara PV

I’m still trying to learn more about the individual members of Nogizaka46 as I’m becoming more and more fascinated in Nogizaka46 the more I see of them. They have that certain charm that draws me in to watching the group. My really short review of Nogizaka46’s Ushinaitakunai kara PV: the girls are simply adorable in their ballet-like dance dresses, the song sounds lovely, and the inside look at their dancing and other backstage activities were touching to see. What’s not to love about this PV? Everything about the PV just clicks for me.

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My Pure·First Impression – Doryoku no Shiuzku/Migi he Magare PV Previews

The preview PVs for Shirogumi’s Doryoku no Shiuzku and Akagumi’s Migi he Magare have been posted on NMB48′s official Youtube account. Compared to how much I love the NMB48’s Junjou U-19 PV, I find the two gumi PVs a bit lacking. Not to say they are bad, but on first impression, the PVs seem to missing something to make them truly stand out.

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My Pure·First Impression – Junjou U-19 PV Preview

EDIT: New preview of Junjou U-19 PV up on NMB48’s Official Youtube account.

On the most recent episode of Docking48!, a short PV preview of NMB48’s 3rd single Junjou U-19 was revealed. Looking back at the Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo and Oh My God! PVs, I found them okay, but slightly boring. From the preview, it certainly looks like the Junjou U-19 PV will be anything but boring.

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My Pure·Thoughts – Pedicure Day PV

Just a few, quick thoughts on the PV for No Sleeves’ 8th single, Pedicure Day. The song itself is nothing phenomenal, but it’s growing on me as I listen to it more and more. The PV is colorful and bright and the girls playing around together reminded me of Mendol and Relax!. It’s definitely a feel-good, brighten-up-my-day PV and that’s all I need from No Sleeves. And Kojima Haruna (Kojiharu), Takahashi Minami (Takamina), and of course, Minegishi Minami (Miichan) were so adorable in the PV.

Pedicure Day released on December 28th and is available for purchase now.