My Pure·Current Feelings on 48G

Shimada Team M

With my oshi Shimada Rena’s (Shimarena) graduation coming soon, I felt like updating this blog once again. Probably just some more quick thoughts on my current 48g fandom state.

  • I’m currently on a Twitter and Tumblr hiatus due to Lent. The absence of both makes me realize how much I enjoy being part of the international NMB fandom and how I miss talking to other NMB fans about the group. I’d like to think I made a lot of online friends thanks to being part of the NMB fandom and I’m extremely grateful for that.
  • I still don’t like the whole grand reformation and I wish NMB was never shuffled. The “old” NMB teams were perfect as they were.
  • With the closure of my favorite 48 forum Everyday48, I’m still unsure if I’ll ever be active on a 48g forum again. I’ve occasionally visited Stage48 and I’m reminded of the good (and bad) times I’ve had there. But I still haven’t felt the urge to be anything more than a lurker there for the time being.
  • Nogizaka46 is on a roll. All the Nogizaka girls are so interesting and amazing and lately, I think the group has had the best music out of all the 48 groups. Out of the recent batch of 48g releases this last month, Nogizaka46’s Kizuitara Kataomoi is easily the best single. Also, it’s just absolutely fun following the group. It doesn’t feel like a hassle or annoyance like it does sometimes following AKB.
  • I’m starting to get into some non-48 idol groups. Thanks to the urging of people, I’ve ever so slowly gotten interested into Passpo, Super Girls, and GEM. And I’m hoping to find even more idols to enjoy.
  • Thanks for being the best oshi a fan could ask for, Shimarena. Wish you nothing but the best in your post-NMB life.

My Pure·Random Feelings on the 48 Family

I’ve been trying to get my current thoughts on the 48 family into words, but I really have had a difficult time expressing myself lately. So rather than write one long, coherent post, this post will be mostly small, nonsensical ramblings on AKB.

  • My 48 experience has definitely changed since I first joined the 48 fandom over two years ago. Now I have a job and I just don’t have the time to follow the 48 family like I used to when I was a NEET.
  • I feel AKB48 has just become stagnant and uninteresting lately. The group seems to be lacking that mystique that lured me into the fandom in the first place. Among the future centers in waiting, I’m hoping that Shimazaki Haruka (Paruru) becomes the center of AKB48 in the future.
  • My kami oshi has been, is, and will always be Minegishi Minami (Miichan). I’m sure it’s been incredibly difficult for her the last few months and as a Miichan oshi, I will continue to support her. Vote for her in the next AKB election please!
  • I’m actually liking how the next AKB single Sayonara Crawl sounds and looks. It’s been awhile since I’ve felt that way about an AKB single. It really has.
  • Of course, my NMB fandom is still strong. I can’t wait for the 7th single to come out and I’m hoping that my NMB oshi Shimada Rena (Shimarena) makes senbatsu for the 1st time.

I probably have more thoughts, but I can’t think of them at the moment. Until next time, I guess.