My Pure·Happiness – Bokura no Eureka 1st Day Sales

The 1st day sales figure of NMB48’s 7th single Bokura no Eureka are out and I couldn’t be more ecstatic. On its first day, the single has sold 420,906 copies. Previously, the best 1st day sales for a NMB single were the 280,367 copies sold of Junjou U-19 on its 1st day. Not only that, Bokura no Eureka is already the best-selling NMB single in terms of 1st week sales, surpassing last year’s summer single Nagiichi, which sold 375,785 copies in in its first week of release.

I am happily surprised that Bokura no Eureka managed to sell over 420K copies in one day, with the AKB senbatsu election less than two weeks ago. With all the money and time spent on the election, I was expecting a little bit of a lull on 48 single buying. I was still expecting good sales figures for NMB’s 7th single, but this exceeded even my expectations. Guess NMB wota (and myself) have more money that I previously thought.

Hoping that Bokura no Eureka continues to sell well. Maybe even hit that 500K spot in the 1st week. Congratulations, NMB48!

My Pure·First Impression – Okuba/Yaban na Softcream/Hinadande wa Boku no Miryoku wa Ikinainda PV Previews

On NMB48′s official YouTube channel, the short preview PVs for the 7th single Shirogumi and Akagumi tracks along with the short preview PV for the Namba Teppoutai Sono San have been uploaded this week. The Shirogumi track is titled Okuba, the Akagumi track is titled Yaban na Softcream, and the Namba Neppoutai Sono San track is titled Hinadande wa Boku no Miryoku wa Ikinainda. To be honest, my first impression is that this is one of the weaker singles in terms of B-side tracks.

The lineups for Shirogumi, Akagumi, and Namba Teppoutai Sono San:

Team N: Ogasawara Mayu, Kishino Rika, Kinoshita Haruna, Kadowaki Kanako, Yamaguchi Yuuki, Yamamoto Sayaka
Team M: Azuma Yuki, Murakami Ayaka, Yamagishi Natsumi, Yamada Nana
Team BII: Kamieda Emika, Kusaka Konomi

Team N: Ichikawa Miori, Koga Narumi, Kondo Rina, Watanabe Miyuki
Team M: Okita Ayaka, Kawakami Rena, Kinoshita Momoka, Mita Mao, Yagura Fuuko
Team BII: Kurokawa Hazuki, Kobayashi Rikako, Muro Kanako

Namba Teppoutai Sono San
Team N: Shiroma Miru, Nishimura Aika
Team M: Murase Sae, Yogi Keira
Team BII: Akazawa Hono, Ota Yuuri, Kushiro Rina
4th Gen KKS: Shibuya Nagisa

I haven’t been the biggest fan of Shirogumi tracks in the past and Okuba doesn’t instill any new hopes of that changing. The song is a slow ballad that just never seems to drag and drag without reaching any kind of high point. It doesn’t conjure up lovely memories like 12/31 did. Okuba just seems like a snoozer and the PV (which has the girls as members of a choir group) doesn’t add much in terms of excitement, except for the a nice cameo by former NMB concurrent member Yokoyama Yui (Yuihan).

The Akagumi PV Yaban na Softcream is a lot more upbeat than the Okuba PV (and this case, a whole lot better). Just the topic itself (soft ice cream) makes one happy and to see a smiling Watanabe Miyuki (Milky) eating ice cream is jsut heaven. Also of note, Ichikawa Miori (Miorin) is featured as the welcomed, transfer student  in the PV. When Miorin’s concurrency in NMB was announced, I didn’t know how she would fit in. But she seems to be fitting in well in NMB so far.

The last B-side is the Namba Teppoutai Sono San track Hinadande wa Boku no Miryoku wa Ikinainda. It seems to be dually led by Team M member Yogi Keira (Keira) and Team N member Shiroma Miru (Mirurun). The song isn’t anything spectacular, but the PV is what’s most memorable about Hinadande wa Boku no Miryoku wa Ikinainda. The PV is inspired by the old school idol style of the past and the contrast of the up-and-coming NMB girls being featured in a PV reminiscent of idols in the 1970s and 80s just works perfectly.

The new Shirogumi, Akagumi, and Namba Teppoutai Sono San songs will be featured in Type-A, Type-B, and Type-C of NMB48′s 7th single, respectively. NMB48′s 7th single, Bokura no Eureka, releases on June 19th.

My Pure·First Impression – Bokura no Eureka PV Preview

The release for NMB48’s 7th single is less than a month away and finally we have a glimpse into the single. The title track for the 7th single is entitled Bokura no Eureka and the preview PV for the song has been uploaded on NMB48′s official YouTube channel.

Bokura no Eureka Type-ABokura no Eureka Type-BBokura no Eureka Type-CBokura no Eureka Theater

First off, the senbatsu for the single:
Team N: Ogasawara Mayu, Kotani Riho, Jonishi Kei, Shiroma Miru, Yamamoto Sayaka, Yoshida Akari, Watanabe Miyuki, Ichikawa Miori
Team M: Shimada Rena, Takano Yui, Tanigawa Airi, Yagura Fuuko, Yogi Keira, Yamada Nana
Team BII: Kato Yuuka, Yabushita Shu

This marks the 1st senbatsu appearances for AKB concurrent member Ichikawa Miori (Miorin), Team M member Takano Yui (Yuipon) and Team M captain (and my NMB oshi!) Shimada Rena (Shimarena). Also, this marks the return of Yogi Keira (Keira) to senbatsu for the 1st time since Junjou U-19. From the previous single Kitagawa Kenji, these four members replace the NMB-departing Yokoyama Yui (Yuihan), the soon to be graduate Fukumoto Aina (Ainyan), and Team N members Kadowaki Kanako (Kanakichi) and Kishino Rika (Rikanyan). I love Kanakichi and Rikanyan, but I’m thrilled that the balance of N members in senbatsu got leveled off finally.

As for the Bokura no Eureka PV itself, the setting has the girls stranded on a deserted island. We see Yamamoto Sayaka (Sayanee) walking around the wilderness with a wooden crossbow in tow and Miroin and Yagura Fuuko (Fuuchan) collecting fruits. We see the girls trying to band together like a tribe to survive and send out SOS signals to attempt to find a way off the island. Storyline-wise, this is probably the most intrigued I’ve been of a NMB A-side PV yet. For the song, I really enjoy the beat and sweet flow of Bokura no Eureka. I’m interested to see how the song is performed on stage, because the song doesn’t seem suited for dancing, but if there was an A-side NMB track meant for a cappella performance, I feel that Bokura no Eureka would fit well the most. I know it’s just my pure, crazy wish, but when I first heard Bokura no Eureka, I was imagining hearing it sung a cappella by NMB. I feel that it’s a quite a pleasant song to listen to.

So yes, I’m extremely excited for the next single. NMB48’s 7th single Bokura no Eureka releases on June 19th.

My Pure·Thoughts – Kimi ga Ano Hi Waratte Ita Imi wo PV

I hadn’t even realized until today that Ono Erena’s 4th single was released this week. I hadn’t been too fond of either of Erena’s previous 2 singles Erenyan or Say!! Ippai, but I decided to look up the PV for the title track Kimi ga Ano Hi Waratte Ita Imi wo. It seems like few people are really talking about Erena’s newest single PV. Which is a shame, because now it’s my favorite Ono Erena single and PV since her debut solo single Erepyon.

In the Kimi ga Ano Hi Waratte Ita Imi wo PV, we get to see a geeky side of Erena and she’s just adorable with her nerdy glasses and her blue jumpsuit while playing video games. And by the end of the PV, she morphs into the cool, rocker girl Erena that we all know now and love. The song has a nice, gentle rocker feel that seems to suit Erena perfectly and even without much of a story, the PV is so simple and cute that it works very well. I said it when Erepyon was released, but it’s just amazing how beautiful and mature of a woman Erena has come since graduating from AKB. And just like the Erepyon PV, I think the Kimi ga Ano Hi Waratte Ita Imi wo PV is a wonderful representation of that evolution and metamorphosis.

Here’s hoping we get more great Erena singles like this one. Ono Erena’s 4th single Kimi ga Ano Hi Waratte Ita Imi wo was released on March 6th, 2013.

My Pure·Pride – Kitagawa Kenji 1st Week Sales

Another NMB48 release, another #1 single. After its first week, NMB48’s 6th single Kitagawa Kenji has sold 317,051 copies and taking the #1 on Oricon’s weekly chart.  That is up from the 315,205 1st week sales of NMB’s previous single Virginity. Kitagawa Kenji is NMB’s second straight #1 single in a row and their 5th #1 single overall.

While the sales of Kitagawa Kenji didn’t reach the 1st week sales of Junjou U-19 or Nagiichi, I’m still very pleased with the sales numbers. Kitagawa Kenji is a great single and I’m happy to see it get #1. With the sudden rash of graduations and the formation of a new team, the group is still ever changing and evolving. I repeat it all the time, but it’s the truth: there’s still more great things to come from NMB. (I mean just look at HA!) And with the introduction of NMB LODs, hopefully more people will see just how wonderful NMB is.

Congratulations on another #1 single, NMB48!

My Pure·Delight – Erenyan Covers Revealed

The covers for Ono Erena’s 2nd single Erenyan have been released. I always preach about how covers should be simple and these covers are just that. Of course, it’s no surprise that Erena looks simply adorable and I like how Erena has different costumes for 4 CD+DVD editions. The Type-C and Type-D covers would be my personal favorite covers of the bunch.

Given how much I enjoyed Erepyon, I have high expectations for Erenyan. Hoping for another fun single and PV.

Ono Erena’s 2nd single Erenyan releases on October 3rd.

My Pure·Intrigue – NMB48 5th Single Senbatsu Announced

Made official on NMB48’s official website, the senbatsu members for NMB48’s 5th single have been announced.

Team N: Ogasawara Mayu, Kadowaki Kanako, Kishino Rika, Kinoshita Haruna, Kotani Riho, Jonishi Kei, Shiroma Miru, Fukumoto Aina, Yamada Nana, Yamamoto Sayaka, Yoshida Akari, Watanabe Miyuki
Team M: Jo Eriko, Tanigawa Airi
3rd Gen KKS: Kato Yuuka, Yabushita Shu

I guess management decided to ignore my advice from my last post because 3 Team M members Kinoshita Momoka (Kinoshita), Murakami Ayaka (Ayachan), and Yagura Fuuko (Fuuchan) were removed from senbatsu. Team N member Kondo Rina (Riichan) was also taken out. In their place, we see the first glimpse of the 3rd generation members with Kato Yuuka (Uuka) and Yabushita Shu (Shuu) in senbatsu. Along with them, Team N members Kishino Rika (Rika-nyan) and Kinoshita Haruna (Haru) have been re-inserted to senbatsu positions.

I love Team N, but this is way too much Team N in senbatsu. We need to see more Team M members promoted to senbatsu so that NMB48 will be more than just Team N. As I said before, Team M is awesome, but they need the opportunity to shine. Hopefully, the Akagumi and Shirogumi PVs will be way more Team M-centric.

NMB48’s 5th single releases on August 8th.

My Pure·Pride – Nagiichi 1st Week Sales

The weekly battle between NMB48’s Nagiichi and Arashi’s Face Down has seemed to come to a conclusion and Arashi has finished the week on Oricon as #1. I tip my hat to them and congratulate them for taking the #1 spot.

But even though I’m a bit sad that NMB48 finished #2 for the week, I’m still proud of NMB and the sales Nagiichi was able to make. The theater copies midweek surge finally occurred on Saturday, leading to 91,990 copies sold for the day, the lone day NMB48 was #1 on the daily Oricon chart over Arashi and Super Junior. While it is not the 4th #1 single for NMB48, it is another NMB single outselling its predecessor. The Saturday theater edition surge helped Nagiichi exceed Junjou U-19‘s 1st week sales of 329,438 copies sold. Nagiichi has sold almost 376,000 copies in its 1st week.

I think it shows that NMB48’s popularity has not peaked yet. I will always think that NMB48 is awesome, but there is still untapped potential in them. Can’t wait to see what NMB has in store for the future.

And Aki-P, please get N3 going and allow LODs, so I can watch it already.

My Pure·Look – Nagiichi 1st Day Sales

The 1st day sales figures for NMB48’s 4th single Nagiichi are out and NMB48 find themselves in 2nd place. Not completely unexpected, of course, but I’m slightly concerned after with the first day sales figures. Nagiichi sold 231,200 copies on its first day, trailing Arashi’s Face Down, which sold 250,415 copies. Also, it’s a drop from the 280,367 1st day copies sold of NMB48’s previous single Junjou U-19.

It’s unsure if the theater editions of Nagiichi were sold and counted first day like Junjou U-19 or if we’ll see a midweek surge like Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo and Oh My God!. Of course, I’m hoping it’s the latter.

As I said before, I’m still concerned for the single, but 231,200 copies is nothing to sneeze about and I’m still hopeful that Nagiichi will gain momentum and eventually pass Junjou U-19‘s sales. I always want to see NMB48 to do well because they’re so amazing, so let’s go NMB48!

My Pure·NMB48 – Nagiichi’s Battle for #1

I’m not sure how coherent or what purpose this post will have. But I just felt like writing something.

With this week’s Oricon single battle seemingly over between Nogizaka46 and Sashihara Rino (Sasshi), my focus turns to the next ***48 single set to release on May 9th: NMB48’s 4th single Nagiichi.

A little under 10 months ago, on July 20th, 2011, NMB48 released their debut single Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo. Releasing on the same week was Tohoshinki’s 2nd Japanese single Superstar. There was real doubt that NMB48 would be able to debut at #1, but the group announced that if they didn’t end up #1 for the week, they would wear bloomers at one of their theater performances. Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo would go on to sell 131,654 copies on its first day, eventually ending up with 218,441 sold copies for the week and the #1 weekly slot on Oricon.

NMB48’s 2nd and 3rd singles Oh My God! and Junjou U-19 would continue NMB48’s success, which each outselling its predecessor’s 1st week sales and gaining the #1 spot for the week. And now NMB48’s Nagiichi will go against Arashi’s Face Down for #1. I admit wholeheartedly that I really don’t know anything about Arashi other than the fact that their previous single Wild at Heart sold 550,014 copies in its first week.

The belief is that Arashi will prevent NMB48 from getting their 4th consecutive #1 single, but I’m keeping my faith in NMB48 and I’m doing my best to support NMB. I myself have bought Type A & B & C of Nagiichi, the very first ***48 single I’ve bought all three types of. To me, Nagiichi is another great NMB single and I’m hoping that the single sells really well.

So yeah, in the end, all I wanted to say really was this. Go NMB48!