My Pure·Heavy Rotation – Hirano Aya’s Stargaze Love

My favorite seiyuu has been and still is Hirano Aya (Aya-chan). I have loved her since I started watching anime and started getting interested into seiyuu. She’s been through her trials and tribulations, but I’ve never wavered in my support as a fan of hers. So I’m really happy that her music career is getting a reboot, with the May 23rd release of her album FRAGMENTS. I bought it myself and my favorite song on the album so far is titled Stargaze Love. I’ve been playing the song quite a lot lately and to see her perform the song live had me nostalgic through all the good times of Hirano Aya’s career so far. Love the song.

So yeah, so glad that Aya-chan’s back.

Videos of Aya-chan’s Stargaze Love live performances so far after the jump.

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