My Pure·Delight – Teppen Tottande! 1st Week Sales

It’s been a week since NMB48’s 1st album Teppen Tottande! was released and the album has taken off to impressive sales. In the 1st week of sales for Teppen Tottande!, the album has sold 328,436 copies, ranking #1 in Oricon’s weekly album chart.

I got my copies last week and I’m really enjoying everything about the album types. The songs, the concert footage, the full HA! PV. So much NMB goodness. So happy and proud of NMB and hopefully this album is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of success for the group. Congratulations, NMB48!

My Pure·Delight – Teppen Tottande! 1st Day Sales

Teppen Tottande!

Finally, the day has arrived. February 27th. The release of NMB48’s 1st album Teppen Tottande!

And it looks like the album is going to be another great seller for NMB. Oricon shows the 1st day sales of album have totaled 247,047 copies, ranking it 1st on the Oricon daily album chart. When I first heard that NMB was getting their 1st album, I couldn’t even think of a ballpark estimate figure that the album would sell. But seeing 247,047 copies of the album sold on its 1st day alone is pretty amazing to me. It certainly makes me feel very proud of NMB and extremely happy for their success. Can the group reach 300,000 copies sold for the week? Or maybe even more? We will find out as the week goes by. Congratulations, NMB48!