My Pure·Delight – Ai-nyan on Konna Umai no Hajimete

NMB48 Team N member Fukumoto Aina (Ai-nyan) recently appeared as a guest on the television program Konna Umai no Hajimete. The show combines two of my favorite things together: NMB48 and food. In this episode, Ai-nyan gets a taste of some fresh and wonderful seafood. Crab legs, chikuwa, squid, shrimp. Ai-nyan looked like she loved all the tasty looking food she got to eat. And of course, we got the obligatory, awesome signature Ai-nyan Hadouhou on this show. Pictures after the jump.

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My Pure·Remembrance – NMB48 in Lucky Girl Ranking 2012

I was glimpsing through old episodes of AKBINGO! and I got to this year’s January 4th and 11th episodes, the Lucky Girl Ranking 2012 episodes. This year’s rankings included 140 members from AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, and HKT48. For NMB48, only Team N members were ranked and suspended Team N members Yoshida Akari (Akarin) and Matsuda Shiori (Shiokichi) were omitted from the ranking. Yamaguchi Yuuki (Yuppi), who was in studio for for the episode, was the highest ranked NMB member. Happy to see her ranked so high. With her unfortunately not being in senbatsu for Junjou U-19, I’m hoping the rest of the year will present a lot good luck for in other ways. And it may be wishful thinking, but I’m hoping she returns to senbatsu for NMB48’s 4th single. Here’s the group and overall lucky girl rankings for the NMB48 members.

1. (10) Yamaguchi Yuuki (Yuppi)
2. (12) Jonishi Kei (Keicchi)
3. (26) Watanabe Miyuki (Milky)
4. (31) Yamamoto Sayaka (Sayanee)
5. (37)
Ogasawara Mayu (Maachun)
6. (41) Kinoshita Haruna (Haru)
7. (63) Kadowaki Kanako (Kanakichi)
8. (84)
Fukumoto Aina (Ai-nyan)
9. (90) Yamada Nana (Nanatan)
10. (104) Kishino Rika (Rika-nyan)
11. (110) Kotani Riho (Ripopo)
12. (118) Shinohara Kanna (Kanchiru)
13. (126) Shiroma Miru (Mirurun)
14. (127) Kondo Rina (Riichan)

My Pure·Reminscing – My Favorite 5 AKB TV Show Episodes of 2011

As I got to learn more about the AKB family, I think my biggest source of learning came from the many TV shows AKB has. From my very first AKB TV show (AKBINGO!) to my favorite at the end of the year (Naniwa Nadeshiko), every AKB TV show has gotten me to learn about and discover new things about AKB. So here’s my list of my 5 favorite AKB TV show episodes from 2011.

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My Pure·Love – A Look Back at Naniwa Nadeshiko Part 3a

There’s an old expression that goes “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” If that’s the case, then NMB48 and Naniwa Nadeshiko definitely have a hold on my heart. No other ***48 TV show makes me hungrier after watching it than Naniwa Nadeshiko. The food always looks delicious and the girls seem to love to eat great food any chance they get. After the jump is simply a food photo spam of food shown on the series’ first 11 episodes. Probably will do the same with episodes 12-22 later. Enjoy.

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My Pure·Love – A Look Back at Naniwa Nadeshiko Part 2

I decided to go back and watch the very first episode of Naniwa Nadeshiko (aired on July 12th, 2011). I thought back to then, almost a week before NMB48’s first single was released, when I watched it for the first time. Things have changed since then. I guess this post will be a look back at watching the 1st episode of what would become my favorite ***48 TV show.

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My Pure·Love – A Look Back at Naniwa Nadeshiko Part 1

It looks at though next week’s episode of Naniwa Nadeshiko could very well be the last episode of the series. It’s a shame that the series is ending so soon because Naniwa Nadeshiko is easily my favorite ***48 show, the one show I watched weekly without fail.

I’ve said that Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo introduced me to NMB48 and Naniwa Nadeshiko made me a fan. Just like the group has grown by leaps and bounds in the past 5 months, I’ve grown into a NMB fan, falling in love with this group. The show helped me remember the girls and realize how awesome and cool they really are. Even as my AKB fandom following seems to be fading, my NMB fandom following seems to get stronger and stronger as time goes on and I have to thank Naniwa Nadeshiko as the real catalyst in helping me find my favorite ***48 group.

I’m not sure how this will work, but I’m planning on just writing a few posts on the show. I felt compelled to look back at the older episodes and it was just nostalgic. I want to write about that feeling of how much Naniwa Nadeshiko and NMB48 mean to me. Whether it’s statistics, classic Naniwa Nadeshiko memories, or just more praise for the show like crazy, I’ll write whatever is on my mind for the next few days. Here is a look at which NMB members appeared on what episodes and how many episodes each member appeared in. Looking back, it’s sad that Shinohara Kanna (Kanchiru) was the lone current Team N member to never appear on the show. Also, I realized that I really, really miss Yoshida Akari (Akarin).

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My Pure·Viewing of NMB48 no Kagaijugyo Episode 39

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a post on NMB48 After School, so here’s one now. This week’s episode features NMB48 Team N members Yamada Nana (Nana), Ogasawara Mayu (Maachun), and Shiroma Miru (Mirurun). The girls visit a Don Quijote shop in this episode.

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My Pure·Viewing of Naniwa Nadeshiko Episode 20

Been awhile since I updated the blog. Very late, but time for the latest Naniwa Nadeshiko. Episode 20 features NMB48 members Yamamoto Sayaka (Sayanee), Watanabe Miyuki (Miruki), Yamada Nana (Nana), Fukumoto Aina (Ai-nyan), Jo Eriko (Jou), Yagura Fuuko (Fuuchan) and newcomer to the show Okita Ayaka (A~pon).

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